Ipari automatizálás Kft.


Ipari automatizálás Kft.


Ipari automatizálás Kft.

Welcome to our Website!

We are pleased to welcome you to our website. Below we provide you with information about our activities and our provided services.

Autograph Ltd. was founded in 2008 and is a 100% Hungarian privately owned family business. The reliability of our company is based on the many years of experience and professional commitment of our colleagues.

The main activities of our company are: machine handling, machine installation, automation of industrial processes, maintenance of industrial production systems; assembly on the production line.

We also undertake the design and manufacture of target machines and equipment, the retrofitting and automation of operating systems, the refurbishment of equipment, tool and appliance manufacturing.

In most of our machine installations and machine handling activities, we use our own machines (forklifts, hoists, installation trolleys); we work with reliable, controlled installation equipment, with maximum respect for health and safety regulations. Our machines can be rented with or without an operator. Autograph Ltd is committed to a clean and tidy workplace and to the protection of the environment. Our work is carried out with a high level of general liability insurance.

Our mission

The customer is at the heart of our company’s activities, our aim is to meet their needs and to build a mutually beneficial relationship. All our employees are committed to providing a high quality service, and the satisfaction of our clients and business partners is our joint success. Autograph Ltd is a well capitalized, solvent and creditworthy company with a secure background.

Our mission is to achieve and maintain a stable, competitive position in the general purpose machinery manufacturing and machine installation markets we have a commitment to a consistently high level of reliable quality, a customer-centric corporate strategy, and we strive for constant improvements and innovations throughout the company.

Zsolt Mórocz, Autograph Kft., Managing Director, Owner


Our long-term collaborations, let’s see the pictures!

Machine installation, machine movement, machine line installation in Hungary and abroad

Production line assembly, disassembly; construction and demolition of the production lines and platforms

Production line maintenance, machine renovations

Stainless steel / Iron structure design, layout design, modelling


Hungary: Budapest, Bük, Celldömölk, Győr, Jánossomorja, Kaposvár, Kapuvár, Komárom, Miskolc-Diósgyőr, Nagykanizsa, Pápa, Sárvár, Sopron, Szerencs, Székesfehérvár, Szikszó, Szombathely, Tatabánya, Veszprém, Zalaegerszeg

Abroad: England, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain


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HU36 1040 4735 5050 5154 5656 1019

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9600 Sárvár, Alkotmány utca 45

Company address

9600 Sárvár, Ikervári utca 40

Zsolt Mórocz managing director

+36 30 287 44 24

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Abroad contact

[email protected], + 36 30 5825823

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